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I find inspiration for my art in everyday life all around me by focusing on things that draw my eye. My conceptual  inspiration is to break down the image that drew my eye and then ask why. Was it the subject, shapes, color, light, shadows, any or was it all of these? This brief memory marker allows me to recall, compose, and create unique art pieces.

I have no formal training in making art. My passion for making art grew  every time I made something, The realization you can start and finish something artistic in the course of a day was all I needed to know!

After high school I started drawing with pen and India Ink.  Watercolor was next, then Oils and Acrylics. Pastel on museum grade sandpaper was followed by graphite and then came Printmaking and the making of Monotypes!

You will find complexity and simplicity in my art. On this website I feature Oils and Monotypes. At the Gallery you will find many more plus watercolors, pastels, gouache and acrylic pieces.

My experiences over time have pushed me to take risks and experiment in monotype printmaking and all mediums of painting. 

Years ago I built an art studio for myself. I set up an easel at one end of the room to work on my paintings. Every little while I would turn to walk  to the end of the room so I could see my painting development from a distance. One day I hung a large mirror at the end of the studio. This allowed me to  turn while standing a the easel to look at the mirror.  The distance to the mirror and back saved me from a lot of walking but it also showed me the mirror image of my painting! With this view I could see all the truth of what  I had painted!  This was the most important paradigm shift of my life.

I could work on a painting and then turn to see it in the mirror from the easel  This allows me to see the painting in progress honestly with my senses instead of my mind. When I turn to see this mirror image it is  like pressing the refresh button on my brain.  I can see there is no problem. Put your mind back to rest and keep on painting. This is key to maintaining right brain creativity.

Together, my wife Carmen and I bring  a wealth of talent and creative experiences.  We have owned Pat Woodall Fine Art and Southwest Framers for 40 years. I have numerous art awards for painting  and printmaking.  Carmen is widely respected for her skills as a conservation framer, businesswoman networker, interior designer, culinary artist, gardener, and for her philanthropic endeavors. We met in Atlanta and have been married for 40 years. We are magically blessed with two grown children  one granddaughter and extended family.

Nick Woodall

Since 1985 is a product of the Taos New Mexico’s Norteno culture. His imagery emerges through a veil of mutual impurities between manufacturing and fine art that creates a beautiful blend across printmaking, welding fabrication and painting cross-pollinate in both imagery and application.

Growing up on a construction site, Nick pursued a formal education at Hamilton College where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in printmaking, and then went on to receive a Masters Degree in Architecture at the University of New Mexico. Which brought him full circle and lead him to create his own business at the age of 27 Spun Gold Manufacturing, a true nod to tradesmen roots.

By him giving a name to his diverse ventures in art and architecture, he has continued to hone his craft across a multitude of skillsets expressed through creative application but anchored in machinery and the manufacturing processes.

To date, Nick continues to conduct work in print, sculpture, and custom design-fabrication furniture with a strong experimental nature. His completed works can be seen at the Pat Woodall Fine Art Gallery,, and on Instagram under the handle of Spun Gold.

As he continues to evolve as an artist, and stands by his belief that if you want something done, you have to just do it!!! Through this view, he remains committed to the credo “EVERY DAMN DAY”.

Higher education: BFA Printmaking +
Photography: Hamilton College Masters
Architecture: UMN SAAP