Beautiful Taos Monotypes for Sale

At Woodall Fine Art, we are excited to help you create a visual spectacle within your home with the help of our stunning art pieces. Our Taos monotypes for sale can give your home a piece of the American spirit that will last you countless years. One way you can give your home a piece of abstract and minimal art that contains the American spirit is with our Taos monotype printmaking.

Each Monotype is unique and original. This type of printmaking is done by painting printer’s ink or oil paint on a smooth surface that is then hand-pressed onto a sheet of absorbent paper. Each piece is handmade and can be yours for an affordable price.

Stunning Taos Monotype Prints

What makes a Taos monotype print so special is the care and attention that must be given to creating each work of art. As the artist paints on a smooth surface, they can create a stunning backdrop with a rustic influence. Our artists capture stories of the old west through their work. As we then hand-press each print, we create a timeless work of art that will perfectly match the aesthetics of your home.

To learn more about Woodall Fine Art, our Taos monotype prints for sale, and our artists, give us a call today at (575) 758-3320.