Sold Art

New Years Eve Taos Ski Valley Oil Painting

New Years Eve Taos Ski Valley Oil 48×48 SOLD

A large Oil painting of New Year’s Eve festivities and fireworks at Taos Ski Valley.

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Rainbow Over Taos Monotype by Pat Woodall

Rainbow Over Taos Oil 30×30″ SOLD

An Oil commission of the first impression of Taos as my client arrived. Those are his cars there.

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Thee Waterfall

The Waterfall Oil 46×26″ SOLD

The Waterfall with Mom and baby standing.

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Caroline Oil Commission created by Pat Woodall

“Caroline” Oil 36×18″ SOLD

An Oil Commission of my client’s daughter for her bday in the wind above the Valley in Colorado.

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Shepherd Boy of Arroyo Seco

Shepherd Boy of Arroyo Seco Oil 36×30 SOLD

A Commission for the cover of the Taos Gallery Guide composed and executed in 2018. Me and my dog!

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El Dorado Michaels’ Kitchen Taos

El Dorado Michaels Kitchen Taos Oil 24×30 SOLD

A Commissioned oil of my clients daughter walking down the street in front of his building. His cars

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Kachina Lift

Kachina Lift Oil 60×36″. SOLD

The highest lift in the US to the most extreme terrain in North America. The Kachina Lift at TSV.

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Ranchos Church

Ranchos Church Oil 22×30″ SOLD

A textural Monotype 1/1 featuring embossment through texturing the plate prior to printing.

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Sei Bella

Sei Bella Oil 28×34″ SOLD

An oil commission for a beautiful shop in Oklahoma. A very classy Lady owns this one.

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White Face Bull

White Face Bull Oil 30×30″ SOLD

White Face Bull was an Oil commission done with a palette knife to create an impasto Oil.

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Red Moon Ranchos Elders Monotype

Red Moon Ranchos Elders Monotype 48×32″ SOLD

Monotype commissioned for a client with instructions to “just do whatever you want but make it nice!

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Elk Beneath Fishes Peak

Elk Beneath Fishers Peak Oil 60×84″ SOLD

A 5′ by 7′ oil commission using the keywords “Elk, Fishers Peak, River, and Vibrant Sky”. Love this!

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Chuckwagon Cookout

Chuckwagon Cookout Oil 72×84″ SOLD

An oil commission to commemorate my clients visit to a Chuckwagon cookout with his father as a boy

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Ranchos Sunflower Monotype

Ranchos Sunflowers Monotype 48×32″ SOLD

Monotype commission for a dear lady who loves the Ranchos Church and Sunflowers too.

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Branding Day Longhorns Monotype

Branding Day Longhorns Monotype Commission 32×48″ SOLD

A Monotype commission for my Texas clients who have owned Longhorns. Each one is like one they had.

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Taos Pueblo

Taos Pueblo A/P Giclee. 30×40″

Southwest Oil Painting created in Taos by Pat Woodall.

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Winter Hunt

Winter Hunt Oil 24×12

Original Oil for sale of the returning of two braves on a deer hunt.

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Fresh Snow

Fresh Snow Oil 9×12′. SOLD

A small impasto Oil suing a palette knife and brush to capture the light on snow.

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An American Sky

An American Sky Oil 26×34 Framed SOLD

On a ride through Texas you see a lot of old derricks. The sunset looked like an American Sky.

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The Rock House

The Rock House Oil 25×29 Framed SOLD

The Rock House is the home of Pat Woodall Fine Art and Southwest Framers. This Oil I did early morn.

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Dancing Shadows

Dancing Shadows Oil 36×33 Framed SOLD

A thick impasto Oil of the forest. this one is framed in a mosaic glazed tile custom frame I like.

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Taos Valley

Taos Valley Oil 36×36″ SOLD

Taos Valley is made of mountains and plains in a high mountain plateau fed by the rain and snow.

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Deer Dancers Monotype

Deer Dancers Monotype 16×32 Framed SOLD

A Monotype that started as a black plate of oil etching inks. I used a cloth to draw into the ink.

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Stardust Orchids Monotype

Stardust Orchids Monotype 56×40 Framed SOLD

Graphic art at its finest, Lillies and flowers juxtaposed against a starry night sky.

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Longhorns 3 of 4 Monotype

Longhorns 3 of 4 Monotype 32 x 48″ SOLD

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Longhorns 1 of 4 Monotype

Longhorns 1 of 4 Monotype 32×48. SOLD

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Longhorns 2 of 4 Monotype

Longhorns 2 of 4 Monotype 32×48″ SOLD

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Arroyo Seco Gathering

Arroyo Seco Gathering Oil 36×36″ SOLD

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Longhorns 4 of 4

Longhorns 4 of 4 Monotype 32 x 48. SOLD

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Martyrs House Monotype

Martyrs House Monotype 29×37 Framed. SOLD

A beautiful adobe restaurant in winter snow with the umbrellas still up amid the leafless trees. Ah.

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