Taos Inn Oil Painting for Sale


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If you crave the precise execution of contemporary realism combined with desert colors and styles, you’ll love the Southwest art created by Patrick Woodall. Learn more about this painting and its artist

About the Painting

The Taos Inn oil painting, in particular, involves a beautiful use of color and intricate detailing. You’ll notice an interesting use of light and shadows, especially in the windows and the shadows of the trees that don’t appear in the painting at all. Enjoy the balanced yet realistic natural elements and the lovely, stylistic brush strokes in this work.

Present in this painting are excellently placed leading lines and a well-executed rule of thirds, perfect to soothe the art aficionado’s search for great technique. You can also benefit from the in-house custom framing we offer at Woodall Fine Art — display this piece in a frame befitting its beauty.

About the Artist

Patrick Woodall has been painting for 42 years and counting, giving his paintings the touch of an experienced artist. Each of his paintings and Monotypes is completely unique. Each Monotype is a single print created by transferring to paper an image that has been created on a plexiglass plate. The image is one-of-one because once pressed onto the paper, the image is gone from the plate. He enjoys experimenting with the same concept in different media, from oil, watercolor, and acrylic to pastels and graphite.

To see more of Patrick’s work, browse the Woodall Fine Art gallery online or in person in downtown Taos, NM.