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Iris Blossoms Monotype is available for sale

Iris Blossoms 32X48″ Monotype

A Perfect Moment in Time Monotype

A Perfect Moment In Time Monotype 32×48

Arroyo Seco Gathering Monotype

Arroyo Seco Gathering Monotype 48×32

The Artist at Work

Art Lessons with Pat Woodall

Another representation of the night by Pat Woodall

Ascending Moon Monotype 30×44

Aspen and Magpies Monotype

Aspen and Magpies Monotype 32×48

Aspen Archer Monotype

Aspen Archer Monotype 30×44

Aspen Forest Monotype

Aspen Forest Monotype 32×48

Aspen Forest Shadows Monotype

Aspen Forest Shadows Monotype 32×48

Autumn Outside the Window

Autumn Outside The Window Monotype 32×48

Bald Eagle and Sun

Bald Eagle And Sun Monotype 32×48

Bald Eagle Feather Monotype

Bald Eagle Feather Monotype 48×17

Birds flying across a clear sky shown in this art

Bald Eagle In The Sky Monotype 32×48

Bald Eagle Monotype

Bald Eagle 32×48 Monotype Framed

Bald Eagles Before Orange Peaks

Bald Eagles Before Orange Peaks Oil 21×25 Framed

Best Dressed at the Halloween Monotype by Pat Woodall

Best Dressed At The Halloween Ball Monotype 48×32

White on blue friends monotype

Black and White On Blue Friends Monotype 30×44

Blue buffalo monotype

Blue Buffalo Monotype 48×32

Blue Moon Blessing Monotype

Blue Moon Blessing Monotype 1/1 48×32

Pat Woodall artwork captures night life beautifully

Blue Moon Mesa Monotype 40×30

Branding Day Longhorns Monotype

Branding Day Longhorns Monotype 32×48

Buffalo camp monotype

Buffalo Camp Monotype 32×48″

Buffalo Clouds Monotype

Buffalo Clouds Monotype 48×32

Buffalo tracks monotype

Buffalo Crossing Monotype 32×48

Buffalo Hunt

Buffalo Hunt A:P Giclee 32×30″

Buffalo Lineup Monotype

Buffalo Lineup Monotype 32×48

Buffalo Moon Rider Monotype

Buffalo Moon Rider Monotype 30×22

Snow tracks monotype

Buffalo Snow Tracks Monotype 32×48

Snow tracks monotype

Buffalo Snow Tracks Monotype 32×48

Stars in Snow monotype

Buffalo Stars In Snow Monotype 32×48″