Art Lessons with Pat Woodall



Painting lessons are available here at the Gallery. It is a private lesson with me in which you will get a comprehensive step by step understanding of what it is to make an Oil painting. You will remember all we experience because you will make and finish a painting. You take the painting with you so the memory is all there.
The lesson last three hours and I just ask you to give me that amount of time with nothing else to do! Art lessons are $325.00 and all materials are included. You need bring nothing with you.
We talk a little to start about your experience and desires and then you will watch a DVD I made talking about color, composition, brush strokes, palette knives, and going through a number of paintings. It is about 12 minutes long and well done. The video demonstrates use of brush and palette knife in painting. Composition and color are reviewed in the video as well. Next, we go over the technical information of using thinner, mediums, laying out a color palette, underpainting, and all the things that some people don’t know. How to hold a brush and how to stand are very important in Oil painting. Also, you learn how to store and preserve your paint so it is fresh each time you use it.
Next, you select a size of canvas you want to paint, we discover what you would like to paint and then you make a simple sketch on canvas to start. Then you paint and I watch and comment in order to give you a variety of tools to enable paint to work for you in a very fun, easy, and effective way. I encourage you to apply lots of paint! The right color we can mix on the canvas or on the palette. It takes paint to make a painting! The cost is 325.00 and I have all the materials here for you to use. The execution of the painting is why you will remember everything we experienced and talked about and herein lies the profound simplicity and effectiveness of this method. WE are going to find your aesthetic!
I have a worksheet and materials list for you so you don’t have to worry with notes or anything like that, just the enjoyment and fun of painting! It is awesome I promise.
If you choose to give a lesson as a gift, I will make a gift certificate for your guest or family member from you for you to give to them. Please see our Gift Certificate Product for this.